Woman Shares Birthday Party With Dog With ‘Fine Water Tasting Station’: ‘Millennials Are Extra’

(TikTok / @_I_fost_)

A dog owner has described some of the benefits his dogs experienced after being invited to another dog’s birthday party, hosted by the pet’s millennial parents.

In a video posted to TikTok last month, a woman who goes by the username @_I_fost_ and has two dogs, Taco and Griffey, shared a video from the celebration, which showed the canine participants enjoying a “station fine water tasting”.

The station consisted of various bowls on the floor, each of which had been filled with a different brand of water. According to the video, the dogs in attendance were able to enjoy sips of Acqua Panna, Smartwater, Evian and Core, among other brands.

“Fine Water Tasting Station,” read a sign above the bowls, adding in smaller print: “Sip…don’t swallow!”

In the video, a dog can be seen diving into a bowl before moving on to the next one, with @_I_fost_ captioning the clip: “My dogs were invited to another dog’s birthday party and there were water tasting stations there because millennials are extra like f**k”.

The clip, which has been viewed over 818,000 times, was met with amusement and appreciation in the comments, with many viewers impressed with the efforts made by the pet owner.

“Your dog goes to cooler parties than me,” one person commented, while another said, “Love it for them.”

Others joked about why millennials spoil their pets, with someone else writing, “We can’t buy houses. So much for spoiling our dogs.

As for the winner of the water marks, the TikToker revealed in response to a comment that dogs liked the Aqua Panna the best.

The response prompted a response from a viewer, who said he was “immediately going to run out and buy some” as he joked that it “looks like I deprived my dog”.

The video also served as inspiration for other dog owners, with one revealing that they would save the idea for the future when planning their own dog party.

“That’s a great idea,” someone else added.

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