Worker’s 1-year-old child breathes for last after fatal canine attack

Photo: iStock

New Delhi: In a heartbreaking incident, a one-year-old baby died after being mauled by a stray dog ​​in an apartment building in Noida. The baby had been hospitalized after sustaining serious injuries from the canine attack and died late last night.
The incident took place at the Lotus Boulevard apartments in Sector 100, Noida at around 4.30pm yesterday, police officer Rajneesh Verma said, as reported by NDTV.

“The child’s parents are construction workers. Both worked in the company and had kept their child close to them. However, a stray dog ​​entered the company and bit the child, leaving him seriously injured. “, added officer Verma.

The child was rushed to Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital in Sector 110, where he was pronounced dead around 3.30am. While police said agencies were told to catch stray dogs. Reports said dog catchers arrived but were told to leave by residents.

Police said that since no one owned the dog, there were no complaints about it. “If it was a companion dog, appropriate action could have been taken against the owner. But since it is a stray dog, the services concerned will be alerted to take action in the area. , like repelling dogs or any other measure.”, as reported by the Indian Express.

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